Michael Sterling Smith is a composer and guitarist based in Denton, Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Delaware and a Master of Music from the University of Florida. His works have recently been performed by the Quanta Quartet on their Australian tour, at the SCI conference at EKU, the NASA conference, the International Saxophone Symposium, the Westfield New Music Festival, and by the Dissonart ensemble in Greece. In 2010 he was awarded with an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts. Michael also maintains an active performing career, consisting heavily of contemporary music. Michael has studied composition under Jennifer Barker, Paul Richards, James Sain, and Paul Koonce. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of North Texas.

Scores and Mp3s

Compositions listed in chronological order. Contact me at michael@michaelsterlingsmith.net for parts.

Hyperflexion pdf mp3 - String Quartet (6’30″)

Mimesis  pdf mp3 - Saxophone Quartet (6’30″)

Fluctuations pdf – String Quartet (1′)

Coil  pdf mp3 - Violin, Cello, and Double Bass  (30″) 

Reflex pdf mp3 – Electric Guitar with Max/Msp Processing  (4’30″)

Break mp3 – Electric Guitar with Max/Msp Processing (2’30″)

Heliopause  pdf mp3 - Pierrot Ensemble (8’30″)

The Disintegration Machine pdf mp3 – Guitar and Oboe (3′)

Captured Objects pdf mp3 – Three performers with mason jars filled with various objects (2′)

Three Songs to Remember pdf mp3 – Soprano and Cello (5’30″)

L’appel du Vide pdf mp3 – Alto Saxophone (4′)

Bussard Ramjet pdf mp3 – 12 musicians (10′)

A Series of Repetitions pdf mp3 – Two performers with non-pitched percussion

Tres Galcelas pdf mp3 1 mp3 2 mp3 3 – Guitar and Baritone (7’30″)

Modus Operandi pdf mp3 – Woodwind Quintet (10′)

A Light Begins pdf mp3 – Guitar Ensemble (3’30″)

Grace and Madness pdf mp3 1 mp3 2 – Guitar Duet (7′)

Prelude No. 1 and 2 pdf 1 pdf 2 mp3 1 mp3 2 – Solo Guitar (3′ & 2’30″)

Mind in Motion pdf mp3 (mvt 2) – Flute and Guitar (10’30″)

The Worm Turns pdf mp3 – Flute, Clarinet, and Guitar (6′)

Nocturnal March pdf mp3 – Cello and Guitar (5’30″)


You can contact me at michael@michaelsterlingsmith.net or follow me on soundcloud and youtube.